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BUNDA Fine Jewels, located in Sydney's iconic Strand Arcade, is an internationally renowned fine jewellery house with a reputation for exquisite design and craftsmanship.



The wait is over, the moment is right, and your choice of the perfect engagement ring has to be rock solid.

A BUNDA diamond comes from our own substantial collection of rare and extraordinary diamonds and is individually designed and hand finished as a heirloom jewel. The clarity, quality and brilliance of each stone is accented by the character of each cut, so your ring is truly yours: a deeply personal statement created to last.

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The traditional diamond solitaire is no longer the standard bearer for engagement ring design. Modern brides (and grooms) are gravitating towards bohemian estate styles, larger dress rings, radically contemporary settings and even minimalist pave and baguette diamonds as expressions of their love.

The joy of designing your own ring can be found in something as simple as a subtle shift in scale or as sophisticated as a major stone set in solid platinum.

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European trained, couture qualified and alert to the nuance of each individual gem, our jewellers treat each ring as a work of art. In the BUNDA atelier workshop, fine ring and diamond settings are our important marks of difference.

Exercising a deep knowledge of how an exquisite ring can be made, we have the expertise and design sophistication to bring out the rare beauty of precious metals, gemstones and diamonds.


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